Turkey Tail Log Kit

Grow turkey tail mushrooms to make your own medicinal tea.


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Product Description

Cultivate the medicinal turkey tail mushroom on logs and stumps with our Turkey Tail Mushroom Log Kit. Our wooden dowels have been inoculated with a superior, fast-growing strain of turkey tail mushroom spawn. When inserted into logs and covered with our natural soy wax to prevent contamination, the dowel spawn colonizes the log and produces mushrooms. When you grow mushrooms on logs with myceliated dowels (also called plug spawn), it may take anywhere from 6-12 months before you start to see mushrooms growing. However, the wait is well worth it. You will be enjoying fresh mushrooms from your mushroom log for years to come. Please note that the turkey tail mushroom, extensively researched for its health promoting qualities, is used to make a medicinal tea- but is not a cooking mushroom (it is hard, like bark).  The Turkey Tail Mushroom Log Kit comes with turkey tail mycelium growing on 100 1-inch grooved wooden dowels, one 2-ounce package of natural, biodegradable wax, and detailed instructions. Requires 5/16” drill bit (not included in kit).  

We suggest using the following wood types to grow turkey tail mushrooms: oak, maple, beech, birch, alder, hickory, ironwood, sweetgum, cherry, eucalyptus, black gum, elm, poplar, cottonwood, ash, willow, box elder, hackberry, or mulberry. Do not use: cedar, redwood, cypress, or pine.

Product Details

Turkey tail
Trametes versicolor
concentric zones of rust-brown, darker brown or gray
Grooved, untreated birch
1" Length x 5/16" Diameter
Shipped in sealed bags with instructions