Extending Life of Kit

Use your spent Mushroom Box Kit to plant an outdoor mushroom garden!

When your Mushroom Box Kit has finished producing all of the mushrooms that it will produce indoors, it can be used to inoculate organic matter outdoors, such as logs, which can potentially continue producing for multiple years. Each species has its own set of parameters to best produce outdoors, which can be seen in our series of educational videos. Many of the used kits can be crumbled and mixed into a bed of woodchips, compost, or straw. When properly cared for by being kept moist and placed in a shady location, the mycelium will colonize the new substrate in 6 months to a year, and mushrooms will grow from the bed. Interestingly, once colonized, the chips or straw can then be used to inoculate more beds.

extending_life_of_kit_text_photoBeyond this, many of the species also do well growing from logs which have had holes drilled in them and packed with the myceliated sawdust of a spent kit. With some care and help from Mother Nature, you might enjoy multiple crops of mushrooms from your outdoor beds or logs for seasons to come.