Scientific Method

Practice using the scientific method as you conduct these experiments!

The Scientific Method

This is a great opportunity for you to practice the steps of the scientific method. Here are the steps to the Scientific Method:


So… go grab a notebook or staple together some lined sheets of paper. Label your paper “Mushroom Experiments”.

1. First, ask a question about the experiment, such as “How long will it take for the mushrooms to grow to full bloom?” Write your question in your notebook.

2. Next, do some background research. The background section will provide you with some fantastic information.

3. Form a hypothesis (what you think is going to happen).

4. Conduct the experiment and take notes on what you see throughout the process. A key part of this process is observation, and one of the best ways to record observations is through drawings. You might draw a picture of what you see each day along with a written description.

5. At the end of the experiment, look at your data. Can you draw any conclusions from your data? Were your predictions right or wrong?

6. Communicate your findings to others. This can be in a variety of forms: charts, graphs, observation logs, posters, booklets, newspaper articles, or powerpoint presentations.