Educational Experiments

Everyone loves a good experiment!

Following are some fun experiments to further your child’s understanding of mushrooms and fungi or to support a classroom curriculum. They can be used for fun or be used as lessons in a school setting.

Each experiment comes with a link to a printable PDF file. You have our permission to print these files and use them for personal or educational purposes. Permission is not granted for the sale or distribution of any of these lessons for sale or profit. The follow activities are intended to be free to the public to use to further an understanding and enjoyment of mushrooms. We hope you enjoy them!

Oh, and before you begin, read through the “Note of Importance” below and “The Scientific Method” link (so you can practice applying the Scientific Method throughout your experiment).

Note of Importance: In these experiments, you will be growing your own mushrooms in various ways on your own substrates using the spent Mushroom Box Kit. You may be asking this question: Are the mushrooms that you grow on your own substrate edible? This is the same mushroom species that you just grew in your mushroom kit, so this species of mushroom is edible. However, we do not recommend that you eat the mushrooms grown from these experiments. The mushrooms grown from this experiment are for learning purposes and not to eat.


Scientific Method