Health Benefits

The health benefits of gourmet mushrooms will amaze you!

No question about it: Gourmet mushrooms are taking the world by storm. Why?

Due to the extensive research conducted worldwide, we now know more about the amazing health benefits of gourmet mushrooms than ever before. And it’s not just us saying this. All of the pages you see in the Health section are supported and documented with current peer-reviewed research. Please note that we are not making any claims in these articles, but reporting the findings of the research in layman’s terms. Our intention is to educate you using real, credible, scientific findings from peer-reviewed research and not with our personal beliefs. But, ultimately seeing is believing, so we encourage you to make gourmet mushrooms a regular part of your diet and see the health benefits for yourself!

Please select from one of the interesting topics on the side bar to learn more about how mushrooms can impact your health. We encourage you to verify any and all information provided using the cited sources at the bottom of each article.