Why Choose Us?


With us, you can…

Depend on our kits to work. Because only experienced mushroom growers make our kits, they have a very high success rate. Made of a special blend of wholesome nutrients, your kit is formulated to give you the best quality mushrooms. Your kit will come with a component that’s essential to the kit’s success: a humidity tent. Without ample humidity, your kit may dry out quickly and not produce. We fully guarantee that you are satisfied with your kit so you can rest assured you will not lose money on a kit that doesn’t produce.

Eat wholesome mushrooms grown from all-natural ingredients. We are very picky about what we use to make your kit. We use only pure, untreated hardwood sawdust as the nutrition for your mushrooms. Already in its purest form, our sawdust is also sterilized so you can be confident that your mushrooms are growing on a healthy substrate. Your mushrooms are grown from superior, non-modified mushroom spores. Your kit has never been exposed to artificial additives, preservatives, or pesticides. The mushrooms you enjoy from your kit are as pure and wholesome as they get.

Enjoy learning about mushrooms. By growing your own mushrooms, you will learn first hand about the life cycle of this fruiting body. On our website, you can find information about the role that fungus plays in our environment, interesting mushroom facts, and educational activities for children. For visual learners, we provide educational videos on our site to enhance your learning. We will even continue educating you about fungus and mushrooms through our blog.

Live sustainably. We make your mushroom kit out of recycled, completely pure agricultural materials. We put to use the untreated oak sawdust that is a byproduct of another operation so this valuable material doesn’t go to waste. The root of the mushroom (mycelium) enriches the sawdust with a substantial amount of nutrition that makes your spent kit very beneficial compost for your garden. Even our boxes are compostable.

Support an environmentally-responsible enterprise. We operate our farm as sustainably as possible. Our energy-efficient buildings are made of recycled materials. Our goal is to install solar panels to provide the energy we need to cool and heat our buildings and rain water catchers to provide the distilled water that is the optimal water source for our mushrooms.

Feel good supporting a company with a purpose. We are not in this business just to make money. We really believe in what we do. We are passionate about using our mushroom kits to reconnect you and your family with the mystery, wonder, and joy of nature.

Give back. With each kit that you purchase, you are helping us give back. We are actively involved in donating our mushroom kits to disadvantaged schools and are creating a curriculum to assist teachers in incorporating mushroom growing into their classrooms. With a soft spot in our hearts for the elderly, we are committed to bringing our kits to nursing homes where our very valuable but often overlooked members of society can reconnect with the joys of an outside world that they might not get the opportunity to experience anymore.