Gourmet Mushrooms & Autism Research


According to Sandra Williams, PhD, who spoke at the May 2012 AutismOne Conference in Chicago, there are nine types of fungi that can be helpful to children with Autism Spectrum Disorder.

In her presentation, she discussed the possible emotional and behavioral effects of shiitake, reishi, oyster, lion’s mane, maitake, enoki, shaggy mane, white button, and Cordyceps for people on the autism spectrum. She refers to the role that white button mushrooms can play in detoxifying the body and “reducing the need for repeated behaviors”, but we also know that reishi and oyster mushrooms are powerful detoxifiers of the body (see Blog Gourmet Mushrooms Can Detoxify the Human Body).

She explains that, “shiitake strengthen the immune system, can help increase connection with the self, and generate feelings of joy. Reishi can fight infections, relieve anxiety, and improve adrenocortical function. Oyster mushrooms may be able to reduce the startle response in children with autism and bring them to a more solid footing.”

William’s presentation provides a fascinating insight into the possible far-reaching effects of gourmet mushrooms.  Where gourmet mushrooms are concerned, anything seems possible.

   The Mushroom Growers’ Newsletter, Volume XXI Number 3, Klamath Falls, OR, July 2012