Create an Outdoor Mushroom Garden with Mushroom Log Kits


For those of you who want to create an outdoor mushroom garden, plug spawn, or sometimes called dowel spawn, is a fantastic alternative to indoor mushroom kits. With plug spawn, you can grow mushrooms on logs and even tree stumps!

What is plug spawn? Plug spawn is a collection of sterilized dowels that contain the mycelium (or root of the mushroom) that is needed to successfully inoculate a hardwood substrate, like logs. After drilling holes in a carefully selected log or tree stump (view our YouTube video to learn what kinds of logs or stumps to use), you insert the dowels and cover them with a special wax to keep out contaminants.

Because logs are a very dense substate (as opposed to sawdust and straw), the mushroom mycelium takes longer to colonize and produce mushrooms. However, it is well worth the wait because the mushrooms will grow from your log for a very long time… sometimes up to five years! (Depending, of course, on the type of hardwood and size of the log.)

If you are willing to be patient, plug spawn is a great way to create a long-term outdoor mushroom garden. However, there are other ways to create an outdoor mushroom garden that produces results in as little as 8-9 weeks. Stay tuned- we will be posting blogs and YouTube videos on these ways as well.