Medicinal Mushrooms Explained


What are medicinal mushrooms anyway? The simple answer is: mushrooms with powerful health-promoting benefits, which include all of the mushroom varieties we sell at 100th Monkey Mushroom Farm.

People have been using gourmet mushrooms for their health benefits for thousands of years, with an especially rich history in Chinese and Japanese medicine. In fact, mushrooms are thought to have 126 distinct health-promoting benefits. Today, mushroom compounds have passed through clinical trials in some Asian countries and are now used as a drug to treat cancer and other diseases.

Traditionally, hot water extraction has been used to prepare mushrooms for medicinal use. However, eating gourmet mushrooms also provides a host of health benefits: a fantastic nutritional profile, high levels of antioxidants, as well as immune-boosting effects. With all that is now known about the healthful effects of consuming mushrooms, the line between culinary and medicinal is no longer distinct. Mushrooms can be consumed for their palatability, their nutrition, their medicinal properties–or all three.

We are fortunate to live in a time when gourmet mushrooms are readily available for us to grow, cook with or make into a tea, and enjoy… while simultaneously understanding the myriad of benefits we reap by consuming these amazing fungi.



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