Highlight Homegrown Mushrooms with the Classic Mushroom Bourguignon


Smitten Kitchen’s recipe for Mushroom Bourguignon is every bit as satisfying as the traditional beef version, and it is perfect for vegetarians or those wishing to cut down on meat and saturated fat intake. Even the hard-core carnivores in your life won’t miss the meat in this hearty mushroom rendition. As a bonus, when you skip the time intensive step of browning the meat, this elegant meal can come together on a whim.

Shiitakes or oysters work well in this dish–or use both. We’ve made this several times and found that doubling the tomato paste and garlic provides a greater depth of flavor which works well with the earthiness of the mushrooms. Also, be aware that different wines will produce slightly different results. You may find the need for a sprinkle of sugar or a pat of butter to round out the flavors.

Don’t be afraid to experiment and enjoy the process. Cooking and eating should fuel your creativity, nourish your body, and satisfy your soul!