Grow Mushrooms With 100th Monkey Mushroom Kits

Grow Gourmet Mushrooms at Home

Grow edible mushrooms indoors, outdoors, all year round! We have a mushroom kit for everyone!

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Girl Holding A 100th Monkey Mushroom Farm Box Kit

Mushroom Box Kits …

Grow edible oyster mushrooms indoors ... right from this mushroom grow box!

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Mushroom Garden Growing Kit

Mushroom Garden Kit …

Mushroom Gardening Made Easy! Grow pounds of elm oyster mushrooms on your own substrate in your own container!

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Growing Shiitake Mushrooms On Logs

Mushroom Log Kits …

Grow mushrooms outdoors on logs or stumps with plug spawn.

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Shiitake Mushroom Block Kit

Mushroom block kits …

Grow mushrooms indoors with our shiitake mushroom kit or reishi mushroom kit!

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Enjoy Fresh & Delicious Gourmet Mushrooms

Savor freshly harvested home grown gourmet mushrooms in our favorite mushroom recipes!

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Reishi mushrooms growing from Reishi Mushroom Kit by 100th Monkey Mushroom Farm!

Enjoy the Health Benefits of Medicinal Mushrooms

Medicinal mushrooms have powerful health-promoting properties.

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We make gourmet mushroom kits
that are fun and educational

Color your own mushroom box kits from 100th  Monkey Mushroom Farm
Color-Your-Own Mush Box Kit
Cluster Coaster
Button Coaster
Flowering Coaster
Morel mushroom coaster
Morel Coaster

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